SAP BI 7 Interview Questions!!!! With Real-Time approach....

By: Chandiraban singu Source: SDN

Interviewers and the question will not remain the same, but find the pattern.

Brief of your profile
Brief of what you done in the project
Your challenging and complex situations
Your regularly faced problem and what you did to avoid the same in permanent
interviewers complex situation , recent situation will be posted for your analysis.

Some one may add
Your system landscape
System archiectecture
Release management
Team size, org str,....

If your exp has production support tthen generally about your roles, authorization and commonlly faced errors.

About data source enhancement

About data flow during delta

If your exp has implementation.then
Modules which you have implemented.
Methodoloyg adopted
Approach to implementation
Testing system
Business scenario
how did you did data modellling like why std lo datasource? why dso ? why this much layers ?.....
Documentation, how your functionall spec and technical spec template, content, information will be...?

Design a SAP NetWeaver - Based System Landscape
BI - Soft yet Hard Challenges

*Best Practice for new BI project *

Guidelines to Make Your BI Implementations Easier

Specific bw interview questions
200 BW Questions and Answers for INTERVIEWS,295582,sid21_gci1182832,00.html

Best of luck for your interviews.....Be clear with what you done...


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your providing such a valuabe information about studying..and also have some good key points to every student.


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Nice Article. The SAP BI BW tutorial was Really help ful for me. Keep Sharing…………